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O2F is founded on the core principles of innovation, customer centricity, process optimization and reliable and timely deployment of services. We take a global approach in understanding our customers. Our services are delivered with their future objectives in mind to ascertain that our services are seamlessly aligned to their future growth, resulting in our services being a major factor of the growth, and not a bottleneck that resists the growth.

We understand our clients thoroughly, not only in the aspect of our services to be delivered to them, but on a larger scale of future relevance; and it’s this approach that always makes us have lasting business relationships with our clients.

We believe in four values:

With more than a decade of experience in Technology and Staffing, we are on a growth path, and intend to grow globally multifold in the coming years. We’re taking O2F in new directions that will see it grow, and reach clients across the globe for their requirements, that will be fulfilled at low cost, and in a lasting way.